Friday, December 4, 2015

Photography - Juno Beach Pier Treasure Coast Florida Seascape Dawn C5a

Juno Beach Pier Treasure Coast Florida Seascape Dawn C5a by Ricardos Creations

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Landscape / Seascape Photography - Digitally enhancement of original Juno Beach Pier Treasure Coast Florida Seascape C5 - was taken in the early morning dawn, just as the sun gently pushed its way through the clouds on the horizon. Feel the cool refreshing sea breeze and listen for the singing seagulls as the waves gently lap up and down the beach. 

The Treasure Coast is a stretch of shoreline, islands, lagoons and inlets along Florida's Atlantic Southeast Coast, where tranquil sands, pristine waters, and a rich history awaits travelers. 

It was originally located on Florida's Atlantic Southeast Coast, comprising Indian River Lagoon, St. Lucie River, and Palm Beach counties, although the modern definition stretches from as far north as St. Augustine down to Miami Beach. 

In September 1696, a young Quaker merchant of Jamaica named Jonathan Dickinson was shipwrecked near the St. Lucie Inlet along with his family and other passengers and crew members. Dickinson encountered the local Ais Indians, a tribe that lived along the shores of the great lagoon called Rio de Ais by the Spanish, and now called the Indian River. 

St. Lucie first appeared on the maps of Spanish explorers in the early 16th century as Santa Lucea. And less than 20 years after Dickinson's woes, a Spanish treasure fleet was shipwrecked. It was the first of many galleons carrying gold to wreck, giving the region its name, the Treasure Coast.


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